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Velvet Stool

Get 50% off your 2nd unit of Velvet Stool, on selected colours:


  • Mint Green
  • Green
  • Dark Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Navy Blue


Velvet Stool is priced at RM 1290.


  • Single Unit: RM 1290
  • A Bundle of 2 Units (If your 2nd colour is Mint Green, Green, Dark Green, Sky Blue or Navy Blue): RM 1935
  • Normal Price for 2 Units: RM 2580

Velvet Stool

PriceFrom RM1,290.00
  • Velvet Stool features a gold base and rounded seat pad, which is available in a variety of velvet upholstery options. It is perfect to be used alongside a dressing table, or a solitary stool in pairs.

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