• Therapy Kitchen Diffuser Mandarin, Mint & Basil


    • About

      This opulent citrus and herb scent will infuse your kitchen with a refreshing and cleansing aroma. The essential oil of Mandarin with Mint & Basil will help neutralise unwanted odours and uplift your senses.


      Our diffusers are a simple and effective way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your environment.

    • Details

      Ingredients: Mandarin, Mint & Basil


      Volume: 250ml


      Diffusion time: 6 months


      Base notes: Citrus


      Material: Cotton sticks


      Cruelty free: No animal testing

    • Care

      Diffuser caps are securely in place to ensure no leakage of the diffuser fluid. We understand the diffuser may be a little tricky to open - we recommend using a tea towel to hold the protection cap securely and holding onto the bottle firmly with your other hand, wiggle the cap from side to side in an upwards motion till the cap is removed.


      Next, insert the reed sticks into the bottle. Leave the bottle open with the sticks inserted. Rotate the sticks upside down once a week to release the aroma (be careful not to drip the fragrance onto any surfaces, or staining might occur). Fragrance blooms within 48 hours and lasts up to six months (depending on your surroundings and size of diffuser).


      Once you have opened your diffusion set and inserted the reed sticks into the bottle, ensure that it is kept out of reach of children and away from any naked flames. 


      You may see some discolouration of the diffuser liquid over time. This is normal and does not mean your product is faulty. The change is due to the composition of the fragrance. Make sure you store your diffuser out of direct sunlight as this also can discolour the liquid.


      A diffuser's lifespan depends on numerous factors. Room size, temperature, size of the diffuser, fragrance used, reed or cotton sticks - all contribute to how long a diffuser will last. On average, our diffusers will last approximately 6 months in an average sized, cool room.

    • Brand

      The Aromatherapy Co is passionate about aromatherapy, whether it is the therapy of 100% pure and natural essential oils, or a beautiful bespoke fragrance.


      Their product range incorporates candles & fragrance diffusers - their mission is to bring the creativity, ingenuity and natural beauty of New Zealand to the world!